Intuitive Tarot Readings

An Intuitive Reading is a time for us to explore your questions, or areas in your life which require insight and guidance.

It combines tarot, your energy, and my insights as a natural intuitive and clairvoyant, and is an ideal way to explore your concerns or current situation.

For example, we may look at your career or business-related questions, your spiritual path, reasons you may feel blocked, your emotional wellbeing, or your relationship.

I highly recommend before booking your time with me, that you write down the areas in your life which you feel require guidance, this is so you gain as much as you can from your session.

Currently these readings are available via Skype/Video Messenger/Zoom. All payments are due 24 hours in advance.

Please note all fees are non-refundable and 24 hrs notice is required to change an appointment.
30 minutes 35 euros
60 minutes 50 euros
Payments can be made via revolut (356) 79327193 or via Paypal