Abundance Queen

Money Mentoring Programme

With 20 years as a Holistic Practitioner and Mentor, one of the repeating patterns I find with many of my clients, especially female, connects with the cycle of money and abundance.

It is quite known that many of us incarnate as Natural Healers, Empaths, Visionaries and Spiritual Mentors, yet this often brings great struggles internally and psychologically, from choosing our soul path, to following a traditional career as this is what we are ‘meant’ to do.

Our money story, the one we are raised with by our family,  has a very significant impact on how we see money, how we deal with it and very importantly our own self worth. Even talking about money for many women makes them feel uncomfortable.

Yet the reality is that its our birthright to align with our true purpose, to be in service, to lead a healthy, fulfilled and abundant life without constant struggle. Every woman deserves financial independence.

This programme involves digging dip, as many times our own story has deep rooted Ancestral connections through our family line. This is in the form of techniques you can use on a regular basis which include EFT, energy work, as well as healing from your own Akashic Records Soul History.

From here it provides you with a platform to build  a business with ease and without spending hours each day online, or feel as if its hard work.

Each month there is also one place which is fully Sponsored so do share with others, or it could be you who is chosen!

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Mentoring Programme: 400 euros (or payment plan)

Abundance in a Box: 250 euros

Money Mentoring